About Us

NorthCentral Airseal is an AeroBarrier Certified Dealer serving builders and homeowners in Prince George and the Cariboo region. We understand the unique challenges of building energy-efficient structures in the climate of northern BC. We offer energy efficiency solutions for new construction and renovation of single family, multi-family, commercial, and municipal buildings.

What is AeroBarrier?

AeroBarrier is an innovative, automated envelope sealing technology that makes energy efficient and performance homebuilding attainable for builders in northern BC. Certified as GreenGuard Gold and Built Green, our sealing technology safely and effectively seals the entire building, eliminating the problems and shortcomings of traditional construction techniques with an automated, computer-driven, precision-controlled operation.



Third-party lab testing reveals AeroBarrier withstands a simulated 50-year durability test. Following the fifty cycles of flexing and accelerated aging, simulating a fifty year period of service, the sealant showed no evidence of cracking, crazing, or spalling

3 Categories of Application

Single Family Buildings – Affordable Airtightness
In residential applications, reduced envelope leakage means increased durability and improved energy efficiency. A tighter building envelope can increase comfort and improve the overall indoor air quality within the home.

Multi-Family Buildings – Easy Code Compliance
The perfect solution for multi-family buildings. Not only will a tighter building envelope help save energy, but it will also reduce stack effect and moisture drive in the entire building. It will also help control sound and smell transfer, and mitigate pest movement, enhancing the environment in each unit.

Commercial Buildings – Fast Track to Energy Savings
Aerosol sealing is proven to be extremely effective at sealing commercial spaces. In commercial projects, AeroBarrier is able to reduce up to 80% of the building leakage. Use in new or retrofit commercial applications improves the sealing effectiveness, reduces labor costs, and improves the consistency of installation.