AeroBarrier is an interior applied air sealing system that seals all building envelope leaks up to 1/2″. The waterborne acrylic sealant is applied by pressuring a targeted building area, then spraying the aerosolized sealant into the pressurized space. The sealant is self-guided to the edges of visible and invisible leaks creating a seal, not by packing the gap, but by accumulating across the surface of leaks. The sealant is applied within 60-90 minutes and dries before system clean-up is complete allowing construction to resume shortly after the process is complete with little to no impact on standard construction schedules. The system measures the envelope leakage in real time, enabling the system to dial in specific requirements for air leakage and guarantee the results.

4 Step Process

Step 1 – Prep & Set-Up
Prep the area by covering any openings that won’t be sealed. This includes taping or covering any designed openings or finished horizontal surfaces within the space. Emitters are then set up throughout the area to be sealed. The equipment is then set up. This includes blower door, emitters, hoses, and the AeroBarrier machine.

Step 2 – Pressurize & Apply
Using a blower door, the space is pressurized. After that, a computer controls the entire process including controlling the temperature, pressure, humidity, and distribution of sealant within the space during the process.

Step 3 – Seal & Monitor
With the AeroBarrier process you see results in real time. You have complete control over your desired level of air tightness and can achieve any level of tightness required. At the end of the process, a final blower door test is run to verify the sealing results. AeroBarrier then provides a Certificate of Completion that shows pre and post seal leakage.

Step 4 – Clean-Up
After the sealing is complete, work can resume in the space within 30 minutes. At that time, clean up of all equipment and removal of all tape and coverings can occur.


Measurable Results
As AeroBarrier is applied, the results are displayed in real time. By incorporating a blower door, the AeroBarrier system is able to dial in your desired leakage. It’s that easy and verified upon completion.

Fast & Easy to Apply
From start to finish, the sealing process takes 60-90 minutes. In new construction applications, prep and clean up time is minimal – typically taking less than an hour. Once set up, the AeroBarrier machine takes over and manages the sealing process through completion.

No more caulking needed to weatherize a space pre-drywall. Meet and verify air tightness requirements in real time, avoid sealing guesswork, and save on time, material and labor.

Sealant achieves durability performance in 3 key areas: flexing, aging and compatibility in tests simulating 50 years of service.

GreenGuard Gold certified with Ultra-low VOC content and no off-gassing. Work can resume in the work area within 30 minutes.

FortisBC Home Performance Rebates

FortisBC has adopted the BC Energy Step Code as the energy performance standard for new home construction. Let NorthCentral Airseal help you with building your home more energy efficient than the minimum BC Building Code. We can seal your building envelope and help you qualify for an energy performance rebate ranging from $1,000 to $8,000.